Traveling With a Cat

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Are you ready to go out into the wilderness with your cat crew?

traveling with a cat

If you are traveling with a cat and need some tips then stay tuned for helpful tips, tricks and things that you should be aware of when moving your cat from place to place (especially for those long trips).

As you might already know, cats are VERY much attached to their environments. Cats just love, love, love being at home. For them, there really is "no place like home."

So what do you do when you need to travel with your little homebody, be it plane, train, car or RV? You prepare!

You might be a bit nervous about your upcoming journey. But not to worry!

There are always some work arounds and helpful things to do to ensure that your kitty has the most pleasant and comfortable experience possible.

The more prepared you are for your journey the smoother it will be. This list is certainly not everything but I do hope it gives you a place to start off.

Something from Home

Give your cat something to snuggle in at night or during the day that reminds them of home. A small pillow, toy or a blanket might help to give her a familiar scent from home.

traveling with a cat

Keep All Food and Water Consistent

Your cat needs to eat and drink too on their trip so be ready with their food and water bowls. Use the same food they are used to as well as the same drinking water.

By this, I mean to get some empty and clean milk or soda jugs and fill them up with tap or drinking water you normally use to give them water.

It might sound weird, but tap water varies from area to area. Some most likely have more minerals than others and little changes like this just might upset your cat's stomach.

To keep your cat from getting sick, just fill up some jugs with the water they normally drink. Give yourself enough to last for your entire trip.

True Story: My sister traveled halfway across the country (California to Texas) with her cat and didn't do this. Her cat got diarrhea which made the trip very unpleasant for kitty and for her.

Visit the Veterinarian

You may also want to consider taking your cat to your vet. and ask for something to help her relax for the trip.

Some cats might be more nervous than others and it may help especially for a plane trip!

Always Keep Your Cat Cool

Since they have fur, they can get hot quickly. Always have water available for your cat to sip on. Tip: If riding in a vehicle for a short time, you can place a few ice chips in her water bowl for her to lick.

The ice will also melt slowly which will give her something cool to drink.

This goes without saying, but never, never leave your cat or dog or any other pet unattended in a vehicle. NEVER. If you must stop for food in a restaurant, you need to either take your pet inside (if allowed by establishment) or one of you must wait in the car with your pet with the air conditioner on.

This is especially important during the summer months.

Prepare for Walks by Using a Leash/Harness

cat leash for traveling

Your cat might want to take a walk around but you certainly don't want her to head for the hills!

Have a cat harness and leash ready to take her for a short walk if she feels up to it.

Traveling with a Cat Tips and Adventures

Do you have a tip to share or just want to let others know about your trip with your cat and how it went?

Please, please do share it below and let others know about your experience!

Traveling with cats can be quite a challenge if not planned correctly.

So if you have a helpful tip to share or just a story of how much fun you had with your cat(s) then submit it for other cat lovers to enjoy.

Let the adventure begin!

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