One of the Best Types of Cat Litter
is Fresh Step Scoopable

Review by: Anonymous

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Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter is one of the best types of cat litter to buy in my opinion. It does wonders. I have a wonderful Siamese cat named William, and he is roughly five years old. I have always spoiled him because he is such a nice companion to have especially through hard times.

I try to buy him the best things as well, so I look towards how my cat feels about his litter box. Cats can be particular, and it is important that they feel comfortable in their litter box so it reduces hassles.

In my experience of buying different litters for my cat, Fresh Step provides the best litter. The clumping clay is great because I have not had it break once and it becomes very easy to scoop out of the box.

I also recommend this litter because it hardly gives off any dust. Even during heavier uses by my cat, there is very rarely that dusty smell in the box area, which is wonderful.

The composition of this litter is fairly soft and granular, but my cat seems to enjoy it, and since it also makes me happy, I will stay loyal to this brand for as long as I have my cat.

This litter clumps extremely well and bonds very well, and is made of a clay composition with some carbon compound that helps eliminates odors. I would highly recommend this product because it keeps the mess to a minimum while providing a soft texture for your cat to walk on.

The odors are essentially non-existent, and this product can be found at a reasonable price.. it's truly one of the best types of cat litter I've tried.