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Use Your Hands!

by Cindy B.

Here is what i like to do to remove the fur from my couches and it works pretty well.

First you need to wet your hands and shake off the extra water, your hands should be damp enough to pick up stuff but not sopping wet.

After your hands are damp then you run them over your sofas and cushions and wherever else you have a lot of hair or fur!

Once you have finished your first round all you need to do is rinse off the hair with more water and then keep going until your couch is fur free (or at least at a tolerable level).

If you do this at least once a day or even a few times a week you will be surprised how much nicer and fur-less your furnishings will be and you won't worry about having hair stuck to you as much whenever you sit on them.

It's a good, cheap way to be rid of fur on the couch AND it is good exercise for your arms! Wax on, wax off.... ;-)

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