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We Are Fresh Step Cat Litter Fans

by Anna
(Lawton, Oklahoma)

I love, love, love Fresh Step …;0 Boy am I glad that I tried this one out.

I used to be a plain clay litter user (the non scoop type) because they are so darn cheap and (of course) I’m always trying to find a way to save a buck, but I have to say that after trying this litter it’s fabulous.
I know why they call it Fresh Step because it has a very faint fresh scent to it…. But it’s NOT so overpowering for my little fur babies.

Another great thing I love about Fresh Step is that it has carbon crystals which is supposed to eliminate litter box odors. Whatever it has it works really well and I’ve never felt that stinky feeling.

One thing though that I noticed is when I clean out the dirty litter from the box I keep forgetting to replenish it to maintain the recommended cat litter depth of 3-4 inches. So of course don’t forget to always add more to keep the box full and you won’t have any probs. scooping clumps out.

Otherwise if you don’t keep it deep enough you’ll end up with urine near the bottom of your box like me! I suppose this defeats the purpose of clumping litter… but now I’m more careful to always pour more fresh litter in there.

It’s so easy I just scoop and go. There is also hardly any dust which thrills me as well.

One complaint I have though is that the bigger size only comes in plastic pails! Aack!! And I’ve yet to find bags available. The plastic pail is also very hard to open! I wish they would come up with an easier opening for older people like me.

All in all, I do believe that it is a great litter with that minor exception and I’ll keep buying it and recommending to friends.

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Mar 13, 2009
I like it too!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this thorough review. It is also my favorite litter as well.

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