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What to do about the big box?

by Sherry
(Cherokee Village, AR)

I have used Fresh Step Multi-cat for many years. It's the only cat litter that doesn't smell worse than the you-know-what. It clumps firmly, and works perfectly with the sifting liners I use. Herein lies the problem.

My local store has discontinued carrying the 14 pound box, which is easy to handle. I have to buy a 28 pound box, which may be a better value, but the packaging is an issue. When a new box is opened, and the handle on top is used to steady the large box, it causes the opened side to tear, which makes handling it the next time even more difficult.

I also find that the larger box seems to create more dust than the smaller one. I suspect it's because I cannot handle the heavier box as well, and have to hold it further away from the intended target. I have tried offloading part of the larger box into a bin with a scoop, which creates even more dust.

I would love to see a fold out cardboard handle on the side of the box, opposite from the opening. I think this would help with the issue. I wouldn't mind paying a little more if the box was easier to use. Thank you!

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