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World Best Cat Litter is a great litter...

by Whiskers

I have tried several different cat litters and settled on the World's Best Cat Litter (Extra Strength) as my product of choice.

The extra strength is good for multiple cats, however, I like it because it clumps well.

I have one seven-year-old Siamese cat named Whiskers, who is independent, coquettish, affectionate and smart.

She is a finicky feline and very fussy about her environment.

World's Best Cat Litter is an organic product, made from all natural, whole kernel corn. It is biodegradable, flushable and has a clean, natural scent. I was originally using Arm & Hammer cat litter and tried World Best after a friend's recommendation.

I liked how it worked and how easy it was to maintain the litter box. Plus, my cat didn't seem to mind the change in product. World's Best Cat Litter produces very little dust.

It is barely visible and certainly not enough to be any type of problem for me or the cat. It doesn't seem to stick to Whisker's paws and I don't find it around the house, so it stays where it's supposed to; in the litter box (I also have a good mat for tracking).

This litter clumps beautifully and doesn't break apart. All you have to do is scoop up the clumps; throw them in the toilet and flush. Add some more litter and it's like a totally new batch.

The fact that this product is organic and can be sent down the sewer system without any residual problems is a big plus for me. There are no odor problems, either.

World's Best has a sweetish, natural scent and urine is absorbed completely without any telltale odors.

Every now and then, I'll add some baking soda to the mix, but it really isn't necessary.

I guess it depends on how many cats you might have, but odor isn't an issue for me. I definitely recommend World's Best Cat Litter to other cat owners. I really do like the product because of everything I mentioned previously.

It's an all natural, biodegradable, flushable, clumps perfectly and an organic cat litter that stays in the box, not on my cat's paws.

Pricewise, it is comparable to other products, but the advantages outweigh any small difference in cost.

Obviously, I'm going to continue using Worlds Best Cat Litter since it really is the World's best cat litter!

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