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by Deborah

I live in an apt with my three lovable furkids. Space is an issue, but so is was the litter box. BUT, on Amazon, I found the biggest litter box (I think available)!

I don't like covered boxes as I need to be sure they are going without any problems. My male blocked a year ago, and so I need to be able to 'see' them use the box.

I also don't like litter all over the floor, I had been using the high side boxes, but they are really not ideal for length. I have a big boy.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Petmate Giant Litter Pan!!!
I use the end of the box to put the 4 gallon bags I use. I don't put the litter scoop in, I have another storage for that, with paper towel underneath.

If you need a BIG litter pan...THIS IS THE BEST ONE I'VE TRIED YET...IN 17 YEARS!!

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